Houston I’ve landed!

I spent 3 months working in Houston from October to December 05. It gets very very hot in Houston, both in terms of heat and humidity. Fortunately my arrival was after the worst of the heat. Temps of 75-80 and cloudless blue skies were the norm. Being able to wear a t-shirt in December is kinda freaky, especially as friends back in blighty were complaining of the bitter cold and rain 🙂


Westheimer, Houston, USA

Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA and has been consistently voted the no.1 fattest city ( based on the number of fast food restaurants to population ratio ). Granted there are a crazy amount of restaurants and bars, but to be honest I didn’t see that many fat people! Perhaps they’re so fat, they’re all stuck at home!?

Special mention goes out to the Fox and Hound pub, it’s your typical yank sports bar, but they had a great selection of beers, pool tables, decent music and a Katie Holmes look a like! She was even called Katie!

Houston was good, it plays host to many different cultures and nationalities. I’m used to walking everywhere, but you really need a car in Houston. It doesn’t have that city feel as everything is so spread out. My main disappointed was the lack of good beaches, it appears the local oil industry is to blame for this.


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