Bit chilly out

Bit late with this blog – been a tad busy!

Flight over went fairly smoothly. The united Airlines flight was barely half full, so there was stacks of room to spread out. It’s not often I get 3 seats to myself. Thankfully my board was waiting for me at Washington. I then had a short flight to Hartford Connecticut, the plane was an ERJ 145, which is very small – 1 seat on the left and 2 seats on the right. There was barely room for me, never mind my board. I was expecting the worst on arrival at Hartford.

I needn’t had worried though. Despite looking like it had been used for a wheel break, my luggage was waiting for me on the carousel! wooohoo!

I had planned to get a compact car, but on seeing the weather and the need for trunk space, I opted for a Toyota Landcruiser. I was glad of the 4 wheel drive, as I hit a fairly bad snow storm on route to Brattleboro.

This winter has been the warmest on record, hence snow conditions pale in comparison to this time last year. Due to the cold, there is plenty of snow piled up in carparks and at the side of the road from a previous storm. But there should be snow everywhere at this time of the year!

Brattleboro is your typical New England style rural town. The scenery and architecture is very easy on the eye. Plus the locals are very laid back and friendly.

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