Feels good to be back on the snow.

I spent the day at Mount Snow – what a day! I wasn’t expecting much, considering the lack of snow in Vermont, but was pleasantly surprised with how good conditions were. There was a nice layer of fresh and it wasn’t until late afternoon that the runs got icey.

I’ve decided snowboarding is like riding a bike! You never forget! It’s been 12 months since i was last on the board, but first run down felt fantastic, despite not having the helmet with me, I was clocking a good speed from the off.

Lift lines were to be expected on a weekend, but the singles line was very quick. The improved fitness made a big difference, I was enjoying myself so much, I skipped lunch and boarded right through to the last lift. The legs were burning like fire on that last run! Feeling it now too! I’m beat!

The Northeaster is gonna kick in tonight, dumping pow all day tomorrow. Coastal areas will be hit the hardest, Boston is expecting 2 feet of snow! Vermont is expecting 3-6 inches.

It should be white over when I wake up tomorrow morning! The plan is to hit Mount Snow again. Going to change my stance – felt like i was boarding too much on the tail. Moving the rear binding forward, will create a narrower more central stance, which in theory should allow more flex of the board, resulting in better carving. Having said that, if there’s stacks of snow tommorrow i won’t bother!

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