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Rather than fly back to the UK and then out to Canada, I’m going to fly straight from Hartford. This means I won’t be suffering from jet lag on arrival and best of all I won’t have to endure the Monarch flight out.

Came across this quote on the web earlier.

“If you are 6ft in height do not contemplate flying Monarch Airlines out of London Gatwick. My partner who is 6ft 2″ cannot physically place his feet on the floor of the aircraft in Monarch’s 29″ pitch seats.”

At 6″5, a few hours might be possible, but an 8 hour flight would be a complete nightmare! I’ve opted to pay an extra £30 on the return flight for an exit seat. It’s a joke that airlines are disregarding passengers comfort for a few more $$$.

One point worth noting thaI i was not aware of previously. If you have a return ticket and you fail to use the outward portion of the flight, the airlines will cancel the entire ticket. Luckily i got wind of this and contacted the airline, who agreed to honour my return ticket.

Seat Guru

When travelling, i find this web site very useful for checking what seats to avoid on particular aircraft and airlines.

They graphically show the seating plan, outlining the best and worst seats. Very useful.


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  1. Anything happening this year?

  2. Seatguru is great. I also try to check in as early as possible for my flight so that I can choose a good seat.

    Also, if you build up enough miles on one airline, you can get status that often allows you to choose your seats before anyone else.

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