BeachBuoy Waterproof case – Travel product review

The BeachBuoy is a waterproof case designed for mobile phones, cameras, keys, in fact anything you don’t want to get damaged by the elements.   Ideal for use outdoors, on the beach, in the water, snow, mud – pretty much anything. Some other ideas for usage:

  • Use your iPhone whilst in the swimming pool or out snorkelling.
  • Use your phone for GPS navigation whilst hiking in the rain.

I first started using the BeachBuoy back in 2008,  as a keen cyclist and hiker I have found the case invaluable for protecting my phone during trips.   A waterlogged phone isn’t much good to anyone.

Proporta the company who manufacture the case recently updated the design for 2011.  Take a look at the below image for a comparison of the old and new models.

BeachBuoy waterproof case

New model on the left.

Key Features

  • Dimensions : 185 x 135 x 5 mm
  • 100% Waterproof Case – guaranteed waterproof to 5 metres/16 feet
  • Closure System : two click seals and a velcro strip
  • BSI approved (IP57/IP58)
  • Includes attachment for lanyard
  • Ability to use your device whilst within the case – make calls, use touch screens and buttons

The 2 main issues I had with the old case appear to have been resolved.  The velcro tab is now stitched to the case rather than glued (the tab on my old case is peeling off).  The case now has 2 click seals rather than 4, this makes for a more flexible case and makes opening and closing a great deal easier.

How to use the case

Check out my video below which gives you an overview of how to operate the case.   I’ve used my HTC Desire as a guinea pig.

You can see from the video the case is still a little fiddly to open, there either needs to be more material or a little tab to allow you to separate the 2 layers of material.

Case Usage

Before putting your valuables into the case and submerging under water, the instructions recommend you give the case a quick test first. Simply place a piece of tissue into the case, close and then submerge. Leave a few minutes and then remove from water and check contents are dry. From my testing the only time my contents ever got slightly wet was when I removed from the water and opened the case too quickly. This potentially allows any surface water on the case to drip inside. Suggest you give the case a quick shake to dry off first.

What I like

  • Protects your valuables against the elements. Great for taking your phone or money into the water.
  • Lanyard is adjustable so can be put round your waist or neck. You could even attach to the handle bars of your bike.
  • Clear panel allows operation of camera or phone. Clear panel on both sides allows for easier usage.
  • Good price

What I don’t like

  • Still a little fiddly to close the top click seal and then reopen.
  • As the case is air tight, you may suffer from condensation problems when moving from hot and cold environments (skiing and snowboarding) if you regularly open and close the case.

It’s worth noting you don’t want to use a camera with a zoom lens. The case simply isn’t deep enough to allow operation of the lens. Also be aware of heat issues if operating an electrical device for long periods of time – there isn’t ventilation until you open the case.

BeachBuoy waterproof case submerged under water with phone inside

I used the video mode on my phone to record the above underwater movie.

Verdict : 8/10 : Well designed case, perfect for protecting your valuables from the elements. Opening and closing mechanism could still be improved further.

The BeachBuoy can be purchased directly from Proporta and all major retailers.


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