The Largest Snowman in the World!

In the UK, this time last year most of the country had ground to a standstill due to the amount of snow.   We are probably the laughing stock of the world not being able to cope with a few inches of fresh, but to be fair we don’t have the infrastructure to cope, nor do we reliably get enough snow to warrant the investment.

This year we’ve had a very mild winter in comparison, zero snow and hardly any frost.    In an attempt to get everyone into the seasonal mood, I thought I’d make a topical post about snowmen.   We’ve all made one but how big can you go!?

The tallest snowman is actually a woman!

Built in 2008, in Bethel, Maine  (East Coast USA).   The snow woman stood 122 feet 1 inch (37.21 m) in height, and was named in honor of Olympia Snowe, a U.S. Senator representing Maine.

  • Name: Olympia SnowWoman;
  • Height: 122 feet
  • Weight: 13,000,000 lbs. of snow
  • 5 foot wreaths for eyes
  • 16 skis for eyelashes
  • Carrot nose made of muslin, chicken wire & wood frame
  • 5 red auto tires for lips
  • 48 ft. circumference fleece hat
  • 130 ft. scarf
  • 6 1/2 ft. Maine-mica snowflake pendant
  • 30 ft. spruce trees for arms
  • 3 truck-loader tires for buttons
  • 2,000 ft. of rope hair!

Yes but what about the largest Snowman!?

The largest snowman was actually also built in Bethel, Maine, in February 1999. The snowman was named “Angus, King of the Mountain” in honor of the then current governor of Maine, Angus King. It was 113 feet 7 inches (34.62 m) tall and weighed over 9,000,000 pounds.


Others worthy of a mention


Japan previously held the world record with this 100ft effort



31ft effort in Poland



Snowman Convention in Japan



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