Billy Morgan stomps first ever Triple Rodeo

UK rider Billy Morgan has become the first ever rider to land a Triple Backside Rodeo.   He was riding in the park at Keystone resort (Colorado).

Billy makes it look real smooth and seems to have all the time in the world.   Kudos to his mate Ben Kilner who caught the action perfectly on film.     Billy landed this trick just before the Xmas holidays and the video has unsurprisingly gone viral since – quickly attracting over half a million views.

Inevitably he has also fallen victim to the internet haters, some questioning whether the trick was more of an underflip rather than rodeo! Shame on them I say.

What’s his story?

Billy Morgan started snowboarding in Southampton, UK on a dendix dry-slope. Following a few seasons in Avoriaz, France he ventured out to Tahoe/ NorthStar to hit the U.S. parks. After going to the British Championships in 2009 and 2010, winning Big Air and picking up some sponsors, Billy realized he had potential and started taking things more seriously.

He was recently signed up by Quiksilver, Ride and Monster. Billy joined the British team at the beginning of this season to get a more structured training program which brought him to Colorado.


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