Top Tips to Keep Your Holiday Costs Down


Going on holiday is all about having fun, relaxing and discovering new places but worrying about the price of being away can quickly drain all the enjoyment out of your break. With a bit of planning there’s a lot you can do to keep your holiday costs down.

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What Kind of Holiday Can You Afford?

There are lots of factors to consider when planning your break. You need to think if self-catering is really cheaper than a hotel. Would an all-inclusive deal work for your family? Can you go on holiday with friends or relatives to make renting a house the most cost-effective option?

The major expense of any holiday is likely to be accommodation and travel, especially if you are flying. You need to do your research to find the best options. Booking early can sometimes be to your advantage or you can hold your nerve and hang on for a last-minute deal, especially if you are not too specific about the destination.

Before You Go

It’s always worth shopping on the price-comparison sites for travel insurance and you should consider buying an annual policy if you travel several times a year. Don’t be tempted to skimp on the insurance to save money, though, as it could quickly become a disastrously expensive mistake if anything went wrong while you were away.


If you have young children then avoid going away during the school holidays when prices jump sharply and everywhere will be much busier. If you’re renting a car with children then take your own car seats as the cost of hiring them can be very expensive. Choose a destination where you don’t need a car, or perhaps just rent one for a day or two to explore.

Remember that children are often very happy with the simple life on holiday so time spent pottering about on the beach will keep them contented. Not every day has to be filled with expensive activities.

If there are particular attractions that you would like to visit then research them before you leave and check out any special offers or voucher codes you can use to help cut the cost of expensive entry charges or activity fees.

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