London 2012 – My Olympic experience on Super Saturday

Read on for more information, but this was my view inside the Olympic stadium last night during Super Saturday.   Wow what a night.   London 2012 – My Olympic experience on Super Saturday

For me the Olympics is the greatest sporting event in the world – a showcase for events which otherwise get little coverage.  I booked 2 weeks vacation to soak it up and was lucky enough to secure a couple of sessions at the badminton and also 2 athletic sessions in the Olympic Stadium.    I’ve been hooked to the coverage (special mention goes to the BBC for providing such brilliant coverage across so many channels and mediums – advert free).

I knew I was in for a treat when I got the ticket for last nights session in the ballot.  Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and the 100 meters women’s final were going to be the highlights.


I still wasn’t prepared for what unfolded.  The atmosphere was electric and anticipation palpable.  Being in the Olympic stadium is one thing but being in your home nations Olympic stadium and watching home nation athletes bagging  gold medals is something special.   The 100 meter final was a damp squib by the time I’d watched Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah claim gold.    I certainly won’t forget last night in a hurry.

Some comments from last night:

  • I used Bridge A and was sat in Block 228, row 68, seat 676   (category E seat).
  • Sitting higher up allows you to see more of the track, but you’re not as close to the athletes as those near the front.
  • Longest queue I had was at the bar.  Organisation fantastic – well done to all involved.
  • Volunteers, police and army super friendly and helpful.
  • Transport system worked perfectly.
  • Yes there is airport style security, but I flew through it way quicker than any airport.  Hardly any queues.
  • Your ticket is scanned by a barcode scanner, but they don’t check your ID against name on ticket.  (would take too long).   You also get to keep your ticket with nothing ripped off or marked.


Some tips for anyone attending:  My original tips here also still apply : Travel advice for the London 2012 Olympic park

  • Take some small binoculars
  • There is an in-ear audio service available for most of the events (live commentary).  Available at the information areas.
  • Take an empty water bottle – you can fill up once inside the Olympic Park.  There are special filler stations.
  • Get into the Olympic park early to soak up the atmosphere, grab a bite to eat and check out the attractions.
  • Do chat to anyone and everyone – they are all super friendly.  I was sat next to a German couple on one side and Australian guy the other.
  • Seats at the front are not under cover, seats midway and further back are under cover.
  • 2 different programmes available,  a daily one for £5 and games programme for £10
  • When leaving the Stadium, head to West Ham tube as Stratford gets super busy.

Apologies for poor quality of this video, but it gives you an idea of the atmosphere.

I’ve another session on Wednesday morning, but to be honest I think the session last night is the best there will be all week.  I can’t see anything topping that experience.   I’ve been trying to get other tickets from the London 2012 website, but it is a very frustrating experience,  I’d love to have seen some of the swimming or track cycling.

In summary, I’d like to thank everyone involved in London 2012 and congratulate team GB for a fantastic games so far.   It’s nice to stick 2 fingers up to all the naysayers and the negative British press.


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  1. I’m going to see the athletics at the paralympic games on 2nd september. I am from britain but not london and will be taking your travel advice into account. On my day the highlights should be the womens 100m final.british paralympian, David weir going in the 1500m semi finals. mens 100m semi-final. mens discus final. womens long jump, javelin and shot putt final. I know it isn’t the best of days but it would be amazing to soak up the atmosphere and say that you were a part of the olympic games. An amazing opportunity and should be a great day of sport.

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