Capture the Colour contest – My Travel entries

I’ve been meaning to enter the Travel Supermarket “Capture the Colour” contest for ages.  As this week is the last chance for entry – I figured I better get my photos uploaded.

Whilst pouring through all my pictures, I decided that I wanted to select shots that were a little different from the usual blue sky shots or green landscape panoramas.   I kinda wish I had a DSLR to do my pictures justice, instead I make do with an old Sony Cybershot and a Panasonic Lumix.


This was taken last year at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.   I love how peaceful the woman looks and the contrast of her red jacket against her black hair and under garments.



This was taken in outside Moods Studio and Music Bar in Monaco.  The metallic globe creates an illusion there is a tunnel under the archway.  I like the contrast of the white marble against the red sign.



I snapped this during a visit to Powis Castle, Wales.  It was a beautiful day walking through the gardens.   I was quite chuffed how it turned out given my camera is quite basic and I didn’t have access to a tripod.   This trip was part of a week long tour round wales.



Another shot from Beijing, this was taken at the Forbidden City.  Such great vibrant colours.



Final pic is another one from the Beijing trip.   This was taken down a side street, showing a bottle recycling center at work.   Love the wall of blue, although not sure health and safety would approve.



The 5 blogs I am going to nominate to enter the competition are:


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