Turn your laptop into an alarm clock


Picture the scene, It’s midnight, I’m away on business and I’ve just realised I’ve left my phone in the office. There is no alarm clock in the room and no one on reception to set up a wake up call.  No internet access either! I need to ensure I don’t oversleep as have an important meeting the next day.

What do I do?

Rather than pray to the body clock god, the answer is actually pretty simple.  I turn my laptop into an alarm clock,  this can be done without downloading any software and as such is completely FREE!

Steps in Windows 7

From the START menu, select All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, then TASK SCHEDULER.   Once loaded, go to the Action menu and select “Create Basic Task”.  As below, enter in a meaningful name for your new Alarm clock task.


Click Next, then select how often you want your Alarm Clock task to fire.


Click Next and decide when the Alarm clock should actually fire.   The date and the time and whether it will be synchronised across time zones.


Click next and then select “Start a program”.  This is where we decide what program launches when the Alarm clock is activated.


Once you hit Next, then select an MP3 file from your local file system that you want to act as an alarm clock sound.   If you don’t have any MP3’s then you can use the ones installed by default by windows.  These can be found in your “My Documents\My Music” folder.


click Next and your done.  You will now see your new task as highlighted below.   If you want to test the task, then right click on the Alarm clock task and select RUN.  The MP3 should be launched in windows media player.




I’ve created a video here to show you step by step.

Once the task has been set up, suggest you do the following:

Turn the volume up to maximum.   Ensure your laptop is powered and not set to sleep after a certain amount of inactivity.   Also close any applications such as email, which might make a noise during the night.


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  1. Caeleigh Stewart

    Oh, thank you! You are my Savior!

  2. THANK YOU – just what I need for same reasons

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