5 Tips for Newbie Travellers


We all start out novices as novices in the world of travelling. But thanks to the extensive resource available on the Internet today, learning basic tips that will help us plan our dream vacations can be the difference between being able to recharge your batteries and enjoying the experience of visiting a new country or a whole lot more unwanted stress being dropped on your plate.

For experienced travellers, learning some of these tips in this article will have unfortunately come from falling victim of such variables while in foreign lands. So, take heed of the following information and it will hopefully contribute to making your trip as stress free as possible.

Never Exceed Baggage Limits

It’s imperative that you always research the baggage limitations of the airline you are travelling with. The last thing you want to contend with is being forced to incur charges due to your bag being a kilogram over the designated limited. Airlines in the U.S. alone made $3.5 billion in profit in 2013 from charging flyers due to excess luggage.

Don’t Be Fooled by Budget Airlines

Following on from baggage charges, many budget airlines have been exposed for adding extra charges onto their plane tickets. It has been revealed that they often earn meagre profits on budget flights as reported by The Economist. Be wary of charges such as infant taxes, seat reservation costs and booking fees where budget airlines try to increase their profit margins.

Pre-book Hotels

Only the most novice of travellers will go on a holiday and not pre-book their accommodation. It seems a trivial one but it happens all the time. You should also make sure to pre-book your accommodation approximately 8 weeks before you are set to stay at the hotel you want to stay at. During certain periods of the year such as Christmas time or during the summer months many notable hotels will be fully book so pre-booking is essential in order for you to confirm your stay there.

Always Book Travel from the Airport to the Hotel

There’s nothing more stressful that arriving at an airport and trying to navigate your way in a foreign land to a hotel that you’ve never been to before. When possible always try and book transfers through your hotel that will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the hotel. It’s hassle free and it is usually a cost and time efficient means of travel.

Never Park Your Car in Independent

Arriving home from an arduous plane journey, the last thing you want is to get back to the airport and finding your car has been broken into. Always make sure you utilize the airport parking services in major airports as these will be police 24-hours a day and monitored via CCTV as per UK-based company Parking4Less. You’ll also find these sorts of parking services considerably cheaper that the independent options available. Again, it’s imperative that you pre-book like most of the variables on this list.

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