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Places I've Visited

This page is an archive of my old website. Click on the logo to visit my new travel site.

Google have excelled themselves with the new GoogleMap technology. I've done some basic intergration using their API. By default the map shows all the places i have visited, but can be customised using the selection box. In addition to showing my global travel exploits, the map is also a great tool for increasing your geographical knowledge. Enjoy !!

It's not until you see a map like this, that you realise how small the world is and how many adventures are out there.

i) Use the navigational tools to move and zoom the map
ii) Using mouse, left click and drag to move map.
iii) Click on red markers for more information regarding location - including links to travel blog.
iv) Zoom to discover multiple markers in similar locations. Mouse wheel zoom now works.
v) Toggle between Map, Satellite and a hybrid display.

Map Last updated : March 2011 debug
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Google Maps are not compatible with every web browser. Google Maps API v2 currently supports recent versions of IE 6.0+ (Windows), Firefox 2.0+ (Windows|Mac OS X|Linux), Safari 3.1+ (Mac OS X|iOS), Chrome (Windows).

i) All location markers are outside of England and Wales unless a travel trip.
ii) I must have set foot outside of the airport/hotel for a location to count. I.e. transfers such as Goosebay in Canada and Minneapolis in the USA don't count.
iii) Locations within a 50 mile radius of another location don't get a mention. Details such as this will be found on the marker infotab.

Places on my list to visit
+ Explore more of west coast USA (Yosemite...etc).
+ Alaska.
+ Chilie, Brazil and Peru ( want to do the Inca Trail ).
+ Africa - safari.
+ North of the artic circle.
+ Everest base camp.
+ Scandanavia.
+ Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
+ Hong Kong and Thailand.
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