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Want to save big on your next ski trip? Take a caravan!

If there is one thing holding people back from taking a ski trip this winter, it’s the cost. According to research from Travel Advisor, even the very cheapest European destination can set a family of four back £1,600 for a week’s stay (taking into account the price of hotel accommodation, ski pass, ski hire, food and beer). Contrast this with […]

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5 Tips for Newbie Travellers

We all start out novices as novices in the world of travelling. But thanks to the extensive resource available on the Internet today, learning basic tips that will help us plan our dream vacations can be the difference between being able to recharge your batteries and enjoying the experience of visiting a new country or a whole lot more unwanted […]

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Best places to spend Christmas in with your family

Looking for the best places to spend Christmas in with your family?  Maybe you always go to your parents’ house, or perhaps your family does that “rotation” thing where everyone takes it in turns to host the whole crew – with some kitchens better adapted to cooking large feasts than others. There’s a knack to stacking up those little M&S […]

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Tips for booking your holiday villa online

By now you should be aware of Internet Fraud when Booking Online.  In recent years there has been a huge increase in holiday villa fraud.  A recent survey revealed that one in three internet users failed to check whether the company they booked with was a member of a recognised travel association.  Advertisements for non-existent apartments, or for genuine properties […]

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Beware of Internet Fraud when Booking Online

Booking a perfect and yet cheap holiday has become an easy task thanks to various websites which allow users to compare prices for flights and hotels with only a few clicks of the mouse.  Unfortunately, frauds have discovered this as an opportunity to deceive customers looking for an affordable holiday.  It’s not always easy to tell a reliable site from […]

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Turn your laptop into an alarm clock

Picture the scene, It’s midnight, I’m away on business and I’ve just realised I’ve left my phone in the office. There is no alarm clock in the room and no one on reception to set up a wake up call.  No internet access either! I need to ensure I don’t oversleep as have an important meeting the next day. What […]

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Champs Elysee

Top Tips for a Great Winter Holiday with the Whole Family

The winter holidays are coming closer and it’s often hard to think of an interesting holiday plan which entertains every family member. A great place to visit with the family is France. The variety of places to visit and things to do makes France a great holiday destination. Ski resorts in France For those who enjoy an active holiday and […]

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Capture the Colour contest – My Travel entries

I’ve been meaning to enter the Travel Supermarket “Capture the Colour” contest for ages.  As this week is the last chance for entry – I figured I better get my photos uploaded. Whilst pouring through all my pictures, I decided that I wanted to select shots that were a little different from the usual blue sky shots or green landscape […]

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London 2012 – My Olympic experience on Super Saturday

Read on for more information, but this was my view inside the Olympic stadium last night during Super Saturday.   Wow what a night.   London 2012 – My Olympic experience on Super Saturday For me the Olympics is the greatest sporting event in the world – a showcase for events which otherwise get little coverage.  I booked 2 weeks vacation […]

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Top Tips to Keep Your Holiday Costs Down

Going on holiday is all about having fun, relaxing and discovering new places but worrying about the price of being away can quickly drain all the enjoyment out of your break. With a bit of planning there’s a lot you can do to keep your holiday costs down. If you want to buy foreign currency or send money abroad, however, […]

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