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Top Tips for attending Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

For my dad’s 65th birthday, I decided to take him to the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.  I started planning the trip not long after the 2011 British Grand Prix.   Hopefully the following tips will be of help to others who are thinking of doing the same.   Top Tips for attending Formula 1 British Grand Prix at […]

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Stunning Utah scenery with First Person View (FPV) fly thru

This 8 minute video takes you on a unique tour through some of Utah’s most stunning scenery. The video was captured from a GoPro Hero 2 camera mounted to a radio controlled model flying wing. The footage is fed back live to the person with the controller who wears a special headset. Basically what the plane sees the controlling person […]

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Driving despair around the world – 5 of the worst traffic jams ever

Picture the scene, you’re all set for your dream holiday, you leave plenty of time to get to the airport, then suddenly you hit a traffic jam on the motorway.     Your brow starts to perspire as you nervously clock watch and try to find the local travel news on the radio.  Blind panic takes over as you realise […]

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Crazy Crazy Weather

It’s been the warmest winter on record out here. Last week the temperature dropped to below freezing, then climbed to spring like conditions. Then this morning i awoke to find it snowing! Temps are due to drop by 40 degrees this weekend!!! Back in Blighty, conditions are fairly constant, you don’t get the extremes and changeability like out here. I […]

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Winter Olympics opens in Torino

For once I actually watched the opening ceremony – quite impressive. Looking forward to watching the coverage, just hope the American networks do a better job than they did with the Athens coverage, which was dire. People definitely seem more pumped up for it here than back in the UK. I guess this partly due to lack of expected success […]

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Bit chilly out

Bit late with this blog – been a tad busy! Flight over went fairly smoothly. The united Airlines flight was barely half full, so there was stacks of room to spread out. It’s not often I get 3 seats to myself. Thankfully my board was waiting for me at Washington. I then had a short flight to Hartford Connecticut, the […]

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Vermont for 3 weeks

Working out in Brattleboro, Vermont for 3 weeks. Flying into Hartford CT, picking up the hire car and then travelling up the I91 to Brattleboro. I’m taking the board with me, so providing my weekends are work free, i should get some snow time. Vermont has plenty of hills on offer. [1] Bolton Valley Resort[2] Bromley Mountain[3] Burke Mountain[4] Jay […]

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West Coast Story – Los Angeles and Skydiving in Vegas

Los Angeles California is one place I’ve always wanted to visit, during the end of my stay in Houston, I made a last minute decision to take a weeks holiday before xmas and fly over to the west coast. I flew into Los Angeles LAX and travelled round for 5 days. Whilst the weather was not brilliant, 70 degrees in December still […]

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Houston I’ve landed!

I spent 3 months working in Houston from October to December 05. It gets very very hot in Houston, both in terms of heat and humidity. Fortunately my arrival was after the worst of the heat. Temps of 75-80 and cloudless blue skies were the norm. Being able to wear a t-shirt in December is kinda freaky, especially as friends […]

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