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Travel advice for the London 2012 Olympic park

Nice surprise yesterday – my 2012 Olympic tickets arrived. Quite a slick process, Royal Mail emailed me to give me a recorded delivery date. I’ve got 2 sessions for the Badminton which is held at Wembley Arena and 2 sessions for the Athletics in the Olympic Park. I lucked out with the athletics as I’ve got the 100m final (albeit […]

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Driving despair around the world – 5 of the worst traffic jams ever

Picture the scene, you’re all set for your dream holiday, you leave plenty of time to get to the airport, then suddenly you hit a traffic jam on the motorway.     Your brow starts to perspire as you nervously clock watch and try to find the local travel news on the radio.  Blind panic takes over as you realise […]

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Do I really need travel insurance? Wallet Stolen!

“Do I really need travel insurance?” I ask myself this question every year. As with any insurance policy you shell out a wedge of money for the privledge of feeling secure and having a safety net to fall back on. When you go from year to year without ever making a claim I can see how some people might not […]

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Airline seating

Rather than fly back to the UK and then out to Canada, I’m going to fly straight from Hartford. This means I won’t be suffering from jet lag on arrival and best of all I won’t have to endure the Monarch flight out. Came across this quote on the web earlier. “If you are 6ft in height do not […]

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