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Don’t be shy, use the form below to drop me an email. Most people contact me for one of the following reasons:

  • Just to say hello and make contact – ask me a question about my travels or site.
  • Link exchange.
  • Write a guest article.
  • Advertise on my site.
  • Request a product review (feel free to send me your travel related product and I will review it for you.

Advertising Options

Providing the content is travel or snow related and fits with my site, I typically offer the following.

  • Text links (follow and no follow) in the sidebar, which appear on every page – 12 month term.
  • Guest posts containing a couple of pictures and links (remain for life of website, but posts typically only stay on the main page for up to a month).
  • Banners in the sidebar    (minimum of 3 months for all banners).
  • Banners in the search results.
  • Banners in blog posts.
  • Product reviews (remain for the life of the site)

Contact me and we can discuss furthur.


You can also contact me on twitter @SnowballTravel


I look forward to hearing from you!

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