My Interactive World Travel Map

Welcome to my interactive world travel map. Click on the markers to see where I have travelled and follow links to associated blog articles. Mobiles and tablets should now also be supported. Use fullscreen button for best results. Full instructions below.

How to use the map

  • Most mobiles and tablets are now supported. Click on the fullscreen button for best results.
  • Hover mouse over map and use mousewheel to zoom or controls in top left corner. Pinch zoom supported for mobile users and double tab.
  • Using mouse, left click and drag to move map.  Touch drag supported for mobile users.
  • Click on red markers for more information regarding location.
  • Click on blue markers for more information regarding location + picture link will take you to an article I have written about this destination. As I right more articles, you will see more blue markers on the map.
  • Zoom to discover multiple markers in similar locations.
  • Toggle between Map, Satellite, and terrain display.  Map is the default.

Supported Browsers

  • For desktop:
    • Internet Explorer 8–10 inclusive (Windows),
    • The current and previous version of Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux),
    • The current and previous version of Chrome (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux),
    • The current and previous version of Safari (Mac OS X),
  • For Android:
    • Default browser on Android 2.3+ (which is Chrome on 4.1+)
  • For iOS:
    • Mobile Safari on the current and previous major version of iOS
    • Current version of Chrome for iOS
This map now supports streetview.

Marker rules

  1. All location markers are outside of England and Wales unless a travel trip.
  2. I must have set foot outside of the airport/hotel for a location to count. I.e. transfers such as Goosebay in Canada and Minneapolis in the USA don't count.
  3. Locations within a 50 mile radius of another location don't typically get a mention. Details such as this will be found on the marker infotab.

Places on my list to visit

  • Explore more of west coast USA + national parks (Yosemite...etc).
  • Alaska.
  • Peru - the Inca trail.
  • Africa - safari. SA - Capetown.
  • North of the arctic circle.
  • Nepal + Everest base camp.
  • Hawaii
  • Japan and New Zealand.
Leave me a comment and let me know if you've also visited these places and where you'd like to travel to next.

6 Comments on “My Travel Map”

  1. this is great mate - your site looks awesome, all the best with it 🙂

  2. Hey Dave. Cool blog, love the new design. I see you've used WordPress, so easy to learn to code from hacking about with it. Hope you are keeping well


    • Hey Geez! Great to hear from you. Glad you like the blog. Liking yours too. Agree with you about WordPress - real easy to customize things.

  3. Hi,

    I was doing a search for interactive world travel maps and yours popped up. I'm very impressed with it, so much better than the Tripadvisor version. How do I get my own, is it something anyone can use?


    • Thanks Anthony. The map is something custom I created for this blog. It's not really portable to other blogs without a bit of coding work. I'll give you a shout if I create something more generic or find something already on the net.

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