Jamie Pierre – Death of a Legend

As you have probably heard, sadly Jamie Pierre was tragically killed last month in an avalanche whilst skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.   He was 38 years old. Matthew Jamison “Jamie” Pierre was a professional free skier and wildly known for his world-record cliff jump of 255 feet (78 m) at the Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.   Jamie had […]

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Driving despair around the world – 5 of the worst traffic jams ever

Picture the scene, you’re all set for your dream holiday, you leave plenty of time to get to the airport, then suddenly you hit a traffic jam on the motorway.     Your brow starts to perspire as you nervously clock watch and try to find the local travel news on the radio.  Blind panic takes over as you realise […]

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The Art of Flight – Snowboard movie review

I’m a bit late to the party with this movie, there has been a huge amount of hype since the premier was shown in New York City on the 7th September 2011.   The Art of Flight is the follow up to the hugely successful TITA (That’s It, That’s All).   Travis Rice has teamed up with director Curt Morgan […]

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The Art of Flight Soundtrack

As per my review The Art of Flight is a brilliant snowboarding movie setting the benchmark for others to follow.   The Art of Flight soundtrack has also received a lot of attention and is hands down the best I’ve heard.    Full track listing in order as follows. (selection of videos below).   “element L” – Defrag “Outro” – […]

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Do I really need travel insurance? Wallet Stolen!

“Do I really need travel insurance?” I ask myself this question every year. As with any insurance policy you shell out a wedge of money for the privledge of feeling secure and having a safety net to fall back on. When you go from year to year without ever making a claim I can see how some people might not […]

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BeachBuoy waterproof case submerged under water with phone inside

BeachBuoy Waterproof case – Travel product review

The BeachBuoy is a waterproof case designed for mobile phones, cameras, keys, in fact anything you don’t want to get damaged by the elements.   Ideal for use outdoors, on the beach, in the water, snow, mud – pretty much anything. Some other ideas for usage: Use your iPhone whilst in the swimming pool or out snorkelling. Use your phone […]

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The Wildest Dream : Conquest of Everest UK Television Premiere

Climbing Everest is a dream I am unlikely to ever fulfil, but is a subject I have great interest in and I hold huge respect for anyone who has attempted or succeeded in conquering.   There have been some great books published over the years recounting explorers tales and woes of taking on the worlds tallest peak.    Jon Krakauer’s –  Into […]

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Blog is back on

Wow 5 years since my last post! My host finally upgraded my control panel allowing me to migrate my blog to a custom domain (following Google’s decision to withdraw support for Blogger FTP publishing). More content on the way and possibly a new look and feel – stay tuned.

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Airline seating

Rather than fly back to the UK and then out to Canada, I’m going to fly straight from Hartford. This means I won’t be suffering from jet lag on arrival and best of all I won’t have to endure the Monarch flight out. Came across this quote on the web earlier. http://www.airlinequality.com/Spcl/seat_tip.htm. “If you are 6ft in height do not […]

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Okemo Report

I was really spoilt by the conditions at Mount Snow last weekend! Following the partial thaw, extreme temperature drop and lack of snow last week – I wasn’t surprised to find less than favorable conditions at Okemo. The surface snow was man made and very granular, the base was packed ice and the light was very flat. All in all, […]

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