Jamie Pierre sets a new world record in Grand Targhee

Jamie Pierre sets a new world record in Grand Targhee

Jamie has a reputation for throwing himself off cliffs. Looks like he excelled himself this time. He got 4 seconds of hang time and was reported to have landed on his head! He sites his faith in the Lord for still being alive. Big respect to the dude, but he’s obviously neurally challenged. His wife and family were not impressed […]

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How To Ollie

How to Ollie?

Someone asked me the other day how to ollie. Pictures always speak louder than words. Check out this link to a movie ollie tutorial. You need to use the tail of the board as a spring. A stiff board can produce bags of pop!

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West Coast Story – Los Angeles and Skydiving in Vegas

Los Angeles California is one place I’ve always wanted to visit, during the end of my stay in Houston, I made a last minute decision to take a weeks holiday before xmas and fly over to the west coast. I flew into Los Angeles LAX and travelled round for 5 days. Whilst the weather was not brilliant, 70 degrees in December still […]

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Houston I’ve landed!

I spent 3 months working in Houston from October to December 05. It gets very very hot in Houston, both in terms of heat and humidity. Fortunately my arrival was after the worst of the heat. Temps of 75-80 and cloudless blue skies were the norm. Being able to wear a t-shirt in December is kinda freaky, especially as friends […]

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Blog On

Welcome to the blog. I’ve opted to switch from the normal layout and colour scheme used on the rest of my site. I took one of Bloggers default templates and modified it to get the desired result. Gotta say i’m impressed with Bloggers interface and hosting options. I can’t promise regular updates, but if there’s anything to report travel or […]

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