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The Largest Snowman in the World!

In the UK, this time last year most of the country had ground to a standstill due to the amount of snow.   We are probably the laughing stock of the world not being able to cope with a few inches of fresh, but to be fair we don’t have the infrastructure to cope, nor do we reliably get enough […]

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Okemo Report

I was really spoilt by the conditions at Mount Snow last weekend! Following the partial thaw, extreme temperature drop and lack of snow last week – I wasn’t surprised to find less than favorable conditions at Okemo. The surface snow was man made and very granular, the base was packed ice and the light was very flat. All in all, […]

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I had planned on going to Okemo today, but after a crazy working week of one too many 12 hour days, i opted for a day of relaxing. I will hit Okemo tommorrow morning first thing. Looking at the trail map, i’ve got plenty of terrain to cover! Lets hope we have some fresh tonight!

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Powder, but oh so cold!

I awoke at 4 am with a searing cramp in my right calf!! After hopping round the room for a few minutes, I checked outside expecting snow – there was nothing! 2 hours later my alarm went off and this time I looked out to see a couple of inches of fresh! I had hoped to get to Mount Snow […]

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Feels good to be back on the snow.

I spent the day at Mount Snow – what a day! I wasn’t expecting much, considering the lack of snow in Vermont, but was pleasantly surprised with how good conditions were. There was a nice layer of fresh and it wasn’t until late afternoon that the runs got icey. I’ve decided snowboarding is like riding a bike! You never forget! […]

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Winter Olympics opens in Torino

For once I actually watched the opening ceremony – quite impressive. Looking forward to watching the coverage, just hope the American networks do a better job than they did with the Athens coverage, which was dire. People definitely seem more pumped up for it here than back in the UK. I guess this partly due to lack of expected success […]

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Storm headed for the East Coast

I’m watching the weather channel like a hawk. After much discussion, the meteorologists have issued a weather warning for the east coast. We could be looking at 1 foot of snow! I had planned to drive to the local snow resort “Mount Snow” this weekend, but in light of the projected storm, I’m going to sit tight and make a […]

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Bit chilly out

Bit late with this blog – been a tad busy! Flight over went fairly smoothly. The united Airlines flight was barely half full, so there was stacks of room to spread out. It’s not often I get 3 seats to myself. Thankfully my board was waiting for me at Washington. I then had a short flight to Hartford Connecticut, the […]

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Vermont for 3 weeks

Working out in Brattleboro, Vermont for 3 weeks. Flying into Hartford CT, picking up the hire car and then travelling up the I91 to Brattleboro. I’m taking the board with me, so providing my weekends are work free, i should get some snow time. Vermont has plenty of hills on offer. [1] Bolton Valley Resort[2] Bromley Mountain[3] Burke Mountain[4] Jay […]

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Jamie Pierre sets a new world record in Grand Targhee

Jamie Pierre sets a new world record in Grand Targhee

Jamie has a reputation for throwing himself off cliffs. Looks like he excelled himself this time. He got 4 seconds of hang time and was reported to have landed on his head! He sites his faith in the Lord for still being alive. Big respect to the dude, but he’s obviously neurally challenged. His wife and family were not impressed […]

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